Holland Lop Rabbits


Holland lop bunny eating Sherwood Forest

Holland lop rabbits are a cross between the Netherland dwarf and a French lop.  This means that they carry a dwarf gene that makes them a true dwarf.  They have a unique bone structure that gives them a cute fluffy or thick and stocky appearance.  It is one of the smallest lops at around 3 to 4 pounds.  They are sweet, loving and make a great pet.

Holland lop rabbits come in many colors.  Even though they tend to have great personalities it is important that you spend time with them.  Be gentle and if they grow to trust you they will also grow to love you!  They can be easily house trained.  Wait and watch for them to pick a corner of their cage that they use as their bathroom.  After your Holland lop rabbit chooses a corner find a short and small litter box to place there. Be careful not to scare them.  If they begin to use it then keep it clean and you can slowly relocate it to a new spot by moving it a few inches every day.

Pet Rabbit Food

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Holland lop rabbits need lots of fresh clean water.  A water bottle can be hung (out of direct sun shine) near their food.  Replace the water periodically throughout the week.  Remember, if you wouldn’t drink the water then they probably won’t either.  Baby Holland lop rabbits should eat a baby rabbit foodspecially designed to prevent diarrhea and promote healthy growth and a healthy digestive system.

  Avoid feeding snacks, especially carbohydrate rich foods like fruit and grains because it may upset the balance of their digestive tract.  Let them rest after eating so they can digest their food.  Provide a clean environment with enough room to hop around.  Following these guidelines makes it is easy to take care of Holland lop rabbits.  

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