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Can rabbits eat alfalfa?

Not all Alfalfa is created equal and it's effects upon digestion and nutrition in rabbit food are highly variable.  High quality alfalfa in rabbit food helps to balance the amino acid profile as well as provide the various types and sizes of fiber needed in rabbit nutrition.  It also contains natural pigments that are efficiently converted to vitamin A but the quantity and quality of these pigments depend upon the natural green color of the alfalfa (there are other natural sources for pro-vitamin A too).

Alfalfa is also a good source of magnesium and iron but lacks certain other minerals needed for balanced rabbit nutrition.  The alfalfa in Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food is tested prior to use to ensure that it will provide the quality balanced nutrition needed by rabbits.  It is also processed properly to ensure that it provides the right particle distribution needed for rabbit digestive health.

Furthermore, the alfalfa used in our rabbit food is of a standardized quality so that the food is consistent from batch to batch.  Most other brands simply add more soybean meal or other ingredients to compensate for variable quality of the alfalfa used in their formulations.

What about other hay like timothy hay?

Grass hay like timothy hay is good for adult rabbits when it is balanced with the right amount of alfalfa to provide the protein and essential amino acids they need in their diet.

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