Can Rabbits Eat Apples

can rabbits eat applesRabbits love apples because they are sweet and full of sugar.  However, if you feed apples to rabbits then you should only do so as a small treat because too much might give them digestive troubles and lead to diarrhea. Avoid feeding apples to baby rabbits because they cannot digest them!

The primary diet of rabbits should be properly formulated pellets.  Baby rabbits require a diet that is low in starch (and sugar) but high in fat and fiber.  This is because healthy bacteria in their digestive tract will ferment (or digest) the fiber for the rabbit. This process produces B-vitamins that help them feel healthy and have lots of energy. If feed your rabbit sugary foods (bunnies cannot digest very much sugar) then you'll be feeding the unhealthy bacteria in their digestive tract and they will quickly grow and cause problems. Often this leads to diarrhea, dehydration, and a very unhappy bunny that won't eat or play.

Adult pet rabbits need a low-energy diet that is rich in fiber like timothy hay.  However, feeding only timothy hay can cause nutritional deficiencies and shorten the life of your rabbit.  For this reason we highly recommend feeding a balanced diet that is fortified with extra minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids.  Following these feeding recommendations will keep your pet rabbit healthy. compare pet rabbit food

So, can rabbits eat apples? Yes they can but only as a treat!
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