Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus

can rabbits eat asparagusYes, rabbits can eat asparagus.  However, as with any fresh vegetable, you shouldn't allow your rabbits to eat too much of it because it may cause diarrhea.  Fresh veggies like asparagus should only be fed in very small amounts as a treat.

The natural diet of rabbits is hay.  However, the primary diet of pet rabbits should be well balanced pellets that provide additional minerals and vitamins and that is specially designed for their age.  Most pellets are too high in grain or grain by-products (starch) and soy and are not good for rabbits.  Baby rabbits require a low-starch diet that is high in fat (like mamma's milk) as well as fiber. Pellets with natural vitamins and chelated minerals are best to ensure optimal nutrition and health.  Adult pet rabbits do best when fed grain-free and soy-free pellets balanced according to their needs.  Providing your rabbit with proper nutrition will help them look and feel better and they will be more playful.

So, can rabbits eat asparagus?  Absolutely, but just as a treat.
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