Can Rabbits Eat Carrots

Can Rabbits eat CarrotsRabbits love to eat carrots because they are sweet and full of sugar.   However do not feed them too much because it can cause digestive problems.  This occurs when too much undigested sugar or carbohydrates enter the ceacum at the end of the digestive tract.  The carbohydrates are like candy for bad bacteria  which quickly grow out of hand and produce gas and change the pH. Feeding rabbits anything that is rich in carbohydrates that are easy for bacteria to digest (like sugar and starch) will upset the balance of good and bad bacteria in their digestive tract and will lead to diarrhea.

Although rabbits love to nibble on just about everything it is important to know that their digestive system is designed primarily to digest hay.  Baby rabbits are more sensitive to an unbalanced diet than adults because they are really limited in their ability to digest sugar.  In fact they are healthier eating a high-fat baby rabbit food “like mamma’s milk.”  Adult rabbits will be healthier and more energetic when eating a grain-free and soy-free pet rabbit food that is enriched in chelated minerals and natural vitamins.

Can rabbits eat carrots? Yes, but only as an occasional treat.
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