Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

can rabbits eat cilantro Some rabbits love cilantro but, because of their specialized digestive system, they are more suited to eating hay and grass.  This is because their digestive system is a house for good bacteria that ferment the fiber and produce vitamins, protein, and other nutrients.  The types of bacteria that grow can very quickly change if you change your rabbits diet.  Many people make the mistake of feeding foods that are too quickly fermented and can cause digestive problems.

For long term health your rabbits diet should be based upon hay that is fortified with specific chelated minerals and balanced with natural vitamins. This is why it is highly recommended to provide your rabbits with a pelleted diet that is nutritionally complete.

Before you feed your rabbit a pelleted diet take the time to read the feed label because not all rabbit food is the same!  Adult pet rabbits benefit from a soy-free and grain-free pet rabbit food that is fortified with essential amino acids (quality protein) to ensure long-term health.  It will improve their fur coat and they will feel better and be more playful.

compare pet rabbit food Sherwood Forest rabbit food is grain and soy-free! Baby rabbits require a diet that is low in starch but high in fat like "mamma's milk" and balanced with quality protein and minerals.  These nutrients are essential to support healthy growth.  Most brands of baby rabbit food use very little fat in their formula and instead use way too much grain which causes bloating and diarrhea.

So, can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes,  it is o.k. to give it to them in small amounts as an occasional snack.
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