Can Rabbits Eat Grass?

can rabbits eat grass Rabbits can eat grass but if they aren't use to eating fresh grass then eating too much may cause digestive upset.  In the wild grass is the main part of a rabbits diet.  It is high in fiber, however it is low in nutrients which is part of the reason why wild rabbits don't live very long.  It is true that the grass that a rabbit eats is fermented by good bacteria in the digestive system to produce vitamins and a little extra protein but your rabbit will be far healthier if you balance the diet and fortify it with extra nutrients (especially choline and phosphorous).

A grain-free and soy-free pet rabbit food that is enriched in chelated minerals and extra vitamins will help your rabbit to be far healthier.  You'll see the difference in the quality of their fur coat and in their playfulness.  Baby rabbits are healthier eating a low-starch diet that is high in fiber and in fat (like mamma's milk).  They require high quality protein and energy needed to support their rapid growth.  Providing them with optimal nutrition at a young age sets the stage for long-term health.

So, can rabbits eat grass?  Yes, but for optimal long-term health it is important that their diet is balanced with other nutrients.
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