Can Rabbits eat Potatoes, Potato Peels, or Sweet Potatoes?

Can Rabbits eat potatoes Potatoes are very high in starch and should not be fed to rabbits.  Sweet and starchy fruits and vegetables are difficult for rabbits to digest and simply end up feeding bad bacteria in their digestive system.  These bacteria quickly ferment the starch and cause a change in the pH which eventually can lead to diarrhea. For the same reasons rabbits should not eat potato peels or sweet potatoes.

can rabbits eat sweet potatoes The primary diet of rabbits is hay which is naturally very low in starch. The complex fibers of they hay take time for the good bacteria in their gut to digest.  In return these good bacteria produce healthy fats, high quality protein, B-vitmains, and other nutrients for the rabbits.

However, rabbits will be healthier when eating properly formulated and balanced pellets based upon hay and fortified with chelated minerals and properly balanced with natural vitaminsBaby rabbits require a high fat diet like “mamma’s milk” that provides them with the energy, protein, and other nutrients that they need at this time in their life.

Pet Rabbit Food Adult pet rabbits will be healthier eating a low-energy pet rabbit food that is grain-free and soy-free.  This style of diet will help them to naturally produce more B-vitamins that help them feel energetic and playful.  It will also ensure that they get all of the nutrients they need to maintain long-term health.

So, can rabbits eat potatoes, potato peels, or sweet potatoes?  NO!
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