Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries

can rabbits eat strawberries Some rabbits like strawberries and, although healthy rabbits make their own vitamin C, strawberries can be a good source of this water soluble vitamin.  However, strawberries are too rich in sugar and may give rabbits digestive problems if they eat too many of them.  This is because rabbits have difficulty digesting sugar and starch (carbohydrates).  Don't feed baby rabbits strawberries!

Undigested carbohydrates that reach the end of the digestive tract are quickly fermented by bad bacteria in the caecum which causes bloating and diarrhea.  Your rabbit will then become dehydrated and will likely stop eating.  The best thing to feed your rabbits is a balanced pellet that is low in starch and made mostly from hay.  The fiber in the hay will stimulate the growth of good bacteria that produce healthy B-vitamins which support your rabbits appetite and energy levels.

Feeding a balanced diet will ensure that your rabbits dietary fiber needs are met while also supplying the right amount of other nutrients that they need to stay healthy. The chart below compares some of the nutritional aspects that rabbits need with the common brand of rabbit food. Notice how much starch is in their diet.  The natural fermentation of fiber produces fats that the rabbits will use as an energy source.  For this reason it is best to provide a small amount of whole oil seeds instead of starch as part of a balanced diet.

compare pet rabbit food So can rabbits eat strawberries?  Yes, but only in moderation!
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