Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

can rabbits eat tomatoes Although rabbits are notorious for nibbling on everything you should not let them eat tomato plants because they are toxic.  Tomato fruits are just fine except, because they are high in sugar, I recommend not feeding rabbits tomatoes. Feeding treats that are high in sugar or starch to rabbits will likely cause digestive troubles that lead to diarrhea and bloating. In fact the natural diet of rabbits is hay and not vegetables.  This is because good bacteria live in a symbiotic relationship with the rabbit. In the gut these bacteria ferment the fibers contained in the hay and in exchange they provide rabbits with B-vitamins, protein, and other nutrients. Easily fermented sugar and starch will promote the quick growth of bad bacteria which then cause a change in the pH of the gut and eventually diarrhea.

baby rabbit food The main diet of a rabbit should be based upon forages like timothy hay and alfalfa.  A grain and soy-free rabbit food that contains flax seed and is fortified with specific vitamins and minerals is ideal for long-term adult pet rabbit health.  Baby rabbits require a high-fat (like mamma's milk) and high-fiber diet that is low in starch (some is needed) to support healthy growth. Balance is critical and feeding treats to rabbits can upset that balance and quickly cause digestive upset.

Following these feeding recommendations will provide optimal nutrition and promote long-term health.  Your rabbits will feel better and will be more playful.  So, can rabbits eat tomatoes?  Yes they can but only very small amounts as a periodic treat.
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