Can Rabbits Eat Zucchini?

can rabbits eat zucchiniMost rabbits don't like zucchini but if your rabbit does then don't feed it too much because rabbits are not meant to eat vegetables. Rather they're digestive system is designed primarily for eating hay.

A grain-free and soy-free adult pet rabbit food that is enriched in chelated minerals and balanced with natural vitamins will ensure a long and healthy active life for your rabbit.  Baby rabbits need a high fat diet balanced with quality protein and other nutrients needed to support their fast growth.  Feeding a balanced pelleted diet is the best way to ensure that your rabbits gets all of the nutrients they need to support long-term health.

Following these feeding recommendations will keep your rabbit looking and feeling its best and it will be more playful.  If you feed treats keep it to a minimum.

So, can rabbits eat zucchini?  Yes but limit it to a small treat!
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