Dwarf Rabbits (trait)


dwarf bunny

Dwarf rabbits are small because they carry a recessive gene.  Any breed of rabbits can be bred to produce dwarf rabbits (although the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit is probably the original source of the dwarf gene) .  Other than their small size they still live, grow, and play just like any other rabbits.  They can also be house trained and learn to recognize their owner.

Dwarf rabbits are different than other “mini” types of rabbits which are truly small breeds and not caused by a “dwarf” gene.  In either case small rabbits are cute and cuddly.  They feel safe and secure when you hold them close (they like support).  Be careful not to hold them too tight.

Netherland dwarf

Every rabbit has its own personality and it is important that you develop a good relationship from the start.  Do not scare them!  Be extra careful to make sure that they trust you.  Be gentle and remember that you are a lot bigger and stronger than they are.

When you house train your dwarf rabbit it helps to think like your rabbit.  They tend to choose a corner to use as their bathroom (especially as they mature).  Take advantage of this by placing a small litter box where they choose to go.  If they aren’t scared of the box then they will likely return to the same spot and use it again.  Then you can slowly relocate the box (move it a couple of inches every day) to the area you prefer for them to use.  You can start by doing this in their playpen or cage.

Dwarf rabbits need clean water.  Because they are so small they will get hot quicker and lose water faster than other larger pets, so make sure your dwarf rabbits always have access to clean, cool water.  When they are babies give them a baby rabbit food that is specialized to meet their nutritional needs.  This will prevent diarrhea.  Give them enough space to exercise and allow them to rest for long periods of time so they can digest their food.  Providing a clean and healthy environment will ensure a trouble free and long life for your dwarf rabbits.

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