Female Rabbit

Pet female rabbitA female rabbit is called a doe.  Many people considering getting a rabbit for a pet want to get a female rabbit thinking she will be milder than a male.  Both males and females do fine as pets, especially if you neuter or spay (fix) them. Rabbits are social animals and love company.  You can have a single pet rabbit if you give special consideration for this need.  If you want to get a companion for your rabbit take note that if they aren’t fixed then you may end up with babies if they are of the opposite sex or, if they are of the same sex, they may fight regardless of whether they are male or female rabbits.  However, keeping two rabbits of the same sex is easier if they were born in the same litter and raised together (but fixing your rabbits will probably be necessary). Male and female rabbits look very similar and will act pretty much the same if they are fixed.  You can name them whatever you want and they will likely have a longer life.  Plus, if it doesn’t matter what sex they are, you can have more choice in the color pattern and type of bunny you want to raise.  So depending upon what rabbits you already have, and if you fix them, it probably won’t even matter whether you choose a male or a female rabbit for a pet.

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