Flop Eared Rabbits (trait)


Flop eared rabbit

Flop eared rabbits come in all sizes, colors, and fur types, and therefore is not a particular breed, but a characteristic or trait that can be found in many rabbit breeds. This is because the floppy ears are a recessive trait and can be passed on to any type of rabbit.  These cute rabbits have been bred specifically for pets so they tend to be very docile, gentile, and warm up quickly to their loving human companions.


lop ears

Flop eared rabbits have since become a very popular house pet.  They are also known as lop eared rabbits or floppy eared rabbits.  They only differ from other rabbits because, instead of their ears pointing straight up they hang low.  As long as their home is clean this generally doesn’t cause any problems.

lop ears

Flop eared rabbits house train just as well as other rabbits and can live long normal lives.  Just be sure to provide good nutrition with clean fresh water and a clean home.  As with any rabbit, baby lop eared rabbits need a special baby rabbit food specially designed for them.

When your lop eared rabbits mature you'll want to start feeding them an adult rabbit food especially designed for pets.  It should be higher in fiber (preferably contain some grass hay like timothy hay) and lower in protein and energy.  This will help promote long term health for your flop eared rabbits.

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