How to Take Care of a Bunny

Bunny Care

Taking care of a bunny rabbit in your home is simple if you set up a few things before you bring them home.

How to take care of a bunny - Indoor Bunny Rabbit Cage

how to take care of a bunny Having your pet rabbit’s “living quarters” already set up before you bring them home will make it easy to take care of a bunny and for them to find everything they need.  This includes: how to take care of a bunny water bottle and j-type feeder Feeder: use a J-type feeder to prevent spilling.
Water bottle: Don’t use a water dish because it will easily get spilled and dirty. These cheap water bottles are great at keeping a clean supply of water for your rabbit. how to take care of a bunny j feeder This J-type feeder doesn't spill as easily as a bowl does and that saves money on food!

How to take care of a bunny - House Training

house-rabbit-potty-trainingTaking care of a bunny is super easy to do if you set it up right.  Start with a corner-type litter-box placed in their cage. For the first few days (up to a week) I highly recommend keeping your rabbit in their cage with their water bottle, feeder, and potty.  You can hold them for short periods but don’t let them roam just yet.  This is important so that they establish their home and start using their litter-box.

How to take care of a bunny  - Setting the Boundaries

After they get established in their cage then you can “open the boundaries” and let them roam in a slightly larger area.  Be sure to take care of your bunny and prepare the area by removing electrical cords and other items that you don’t want chewed. We keep our pet Holland lop rabbit in the kitchen and we have done a fair job at training her to stay on the tile floor (carpet is off limits – a squirt bottle of water works great).  If they do great at using their potty in this larger area then you can increase their roaming area if you want. However they should be in their cage when unattended.

How to take care of a bunny - caring for their fur

During most of the year My wife and I use a low-powered hand held vacuum to capture loose hair before we let our rabbit roam.  When she is shedding her fur coat we use a brush to help clean her up. Here is a link to the Youtube video.

Bunnies are fun social and rewarding pets to take care of.  I hope this has taught you how easy it is to take care of a bunny in your home.

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