Lionhead Rabbit Care

Lionhead rabbits is easy if you take a little time to set things up right. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth more than a pound of cure! Lionhead bunnies require similar nutrition and the same level of care as any other pet rabbit but they also require that you regularly groom their long fur.

Nutrition – What Lionhead rabbits need to stay healthy.

Lionhead rabbits are more sensitive to a lack of dietary fiber.  Feeding a low-starch and high-fiber rabbit food will prevent wool block, a condition where excess fur that is accidently consumed during self-grooming causes digestive blockage.  This is more of a problem during molting and grooming your rabbit to remove loose fur will help prevent it.  If your rabbit has wool block it may stop eating and become lethargic. In this case you should take your rabbit to see a veterinarian.  A rabbit that stops eating will quickly loose B-vitamins and other nutrients from the blood stream that are needed to keep the rabbit active and healthy.

Baby Lionhead rabbits need a high fat diet like “mamma’s milk and quality protein to support healthy growth.  A high fat rabbit food that is low in starch is naturally high in fiber. An adult pet rabbit food that is grain-free & soy-free helps keep the digestive tract healthy.  Feeding only hay and veggies may cause nutritional deficiencies.  The diet of your Lionhead rabbit needs to be fortified with chelated minerals and balanced with natural vitamins for optimal health and a great fur coat.

Grooming - Lionhead rabbit care

Lionhead rabbits require regular grooming and an occasional trim to prevent their fur from becoming matted.  This is especially true around their bottom and during molting time.  To prevent wool block and to keep my home clean I simply use a comb to collect loose fur before I let my rabbit roam free from his cage. Occasionally I also use a pair of scissors to carefully trim excess fur from around the bottom so that poop doesn’t get caught and hang around.

Lionhead rabbit Cage

It is very important to keep your lionhead rabbit cool. Temperatures above 80oF (they like it best between 55 oF and 70 oF) can quickly overheat your rabbit.  If your rabbit is wet around the mouth from panting then it is at risk of dying from heat exhaustion.  Always provide clean water and a salt lick.

Lionhead rabbits are easy to potty train using a corner type potty.  If you keep them in their cage so that they get use to their surroundings they will quickly adapt to using the potty. Then as you let them out into a larger but defined area to roam for short periods of time they’ll still use their potty.

That’s about all there is to taking care of Lionhead rabbits.

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