Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

white-Netherland-Dwarf-Rabbit Netherland Dwarf rabbits are the smallest of all rabbits typically weighing between 1 ½ and 3 pounds.  They are very short with a flat face and come in all kinds of colors.  Some of them are even albino and are white with ruby eyes. They have extra small ears that are high on their head.


Netherland Dwarf rabbits are a very popular for pets, although three to four decades ago many of these rabbits still had a wild personality.   Today they have become gentle and make excellent pets.  Be forewarned that these rabbits are more hyperactive than most other breeds.  Gently handling them often will help them feel comfortable with human contact. Netherland-Dwarf-Rabbits

Be careful not to scare or upset your rabbit.  If he or she is thumping their back legs you can know to back off for a while and leave them alone.  Identify what you might have done to upset them and then adjust your behavior accordingly.  Then, after a while, go back and try to become good friends with your Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Netherland-Dwarf-Rabbits

Netherland Dwarf rabbits have an even more sensitive digestive system than most rabbits.  It is important to not give them “treats” that are high in carbohydrates such as fruit, grains/breads, and potatoes.  If you do they will likely get diarrhea.  Instead, when they are babies they should eat a baby rabbit food that is low in carbohydrates and specially designed to promote healthy growth without causing digestive troubles.  When they get older, feed them a balanced pet rabbit food that is low in energy and high in fiber.

 My NDs Love This Stuff! 5 star review

Posted by Tori

Just cant say enough about this rabbit food, my netherland dwarfs are totally hooked on it… they used to spill their food or dump it which was a great cause of frusteration for me:( when i started with Maintenance and Show I noticed that when I mixed it in with the other food they were only eating the Sherwood pellets! So fare no usual side effects (loss of hair/appitite)…the pellets are also really small so they are much easier for them to chomp on… Thank you for this geat product


Netherland Dwarf rabbit

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