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Pet Rabbit Breeds

There are about 50 unique rabbit breeds with many variations within each. A comprehensive list of all types of rabbits is not realistic; however, below is a list of the more popular breeds.  Each one is arbitrarily divided and grouped according to relative size.

Small rabbit breeds

Lion Head Rabbit – it’s all about the mane

Dwarf Rabbits – This is genetic trait that can be found in many breeds

Holland lop rabbit – A cross between Netherland Dwarf and French Lop

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit - A "woolly" version of the Holland Lop.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - A true dwarf rabbit that is more energetic than most other breeds

Mini Rex Rabbit - a small and cute version of the standard Rex Rabbit

Dutch Rabbit - an older breed with a distinctive color pattern

Medium rabbit breeds

Lop Eared Rabbit – this is actually a genetic trait that many breeds can have

Angora Rabbit – Great for fur production, though they need to be combed regularly

Rex Rabbit - this is actually a genetic trait the produces a short and extra soft velvety fur.

Mini Lop Rabbit – Not a true dwarf... but a super cute combination!

Large rabbit breeds

French Lop Rabbit - the largest of the lop rabbits and a great house pet!

Flemish Giant Rabbit – extra large and gets along well with mild mannered dogs

New Zealand Rabbit – rabbit breed with great maternal instincts

Californian Rabbit – Popular for its shorter and stocky tear-dropped shape and unique color pattern... very soft!

Champagne d'Argent Rabbit – Known for its beautiful fur

Chinchilla Rabbit - A large rabbit with a silvery finish.

Silver Fox Rabbits - A beautiful fur breed that resembles the silver fox.