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Raising Rabbits

raising rabbitsRaising rabbits is a challenge for most people unless they come to understand a few key principles.  The most important and significant choice that you can make that will simplify raising rabbits is to use the right style of rabbit food for the right stage of life.

For example, raising baby rabbits requires a high fat and high fiber rabbit food that is low in starch.  This prevents diarrhea and bloating while at the same time promoting healthy growth.  Adult pet rabbits require a low energy and high fiber rabbit food.

It is also important to take special consideration for their environment.  Rabbits like to remain cool and enjoy the opportunity to lay out under extra shade.  You should also provide free access to clean water at all times!  Rabbits benefit from having a salt wheel so they can adjust their salt intake according to their need.  Also you should give your rabbits access to daylight and spend time with them!