sherwood forest rabbit food

  Natural Rabbit Food

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food is an All-Natural, Scientifically Balanced, complete food, made from combining specially chosen Whole Ingredients.

Premium Rabbit Food
Super Green & Super Fresh
Soy Free!
Corn Free!
Wheat Free!
Pet Rabbit Food
12 Weeks & Older
By the time bunnies reach about 11 to 12 weeks of age they are "teenagers" and need to switch to a diet that is lower in energy and fortified with specific nutrients. This helps them mature without getting fat. In fact it will help them stay trim and active and you'll know that they are healthy on the inside because you'll see the difference in the quality of their fur coat on the outside!
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Adult Rabbit Food
12 Weeks & Older
If you like to feed your bunny hay then this concentrated grain-free and soy-free adult rabbit food will ensure your bunny gets the nutrients it needs. You'll know that they are healthy on the inside because you'll see the difference in the quality of their fur coat on the outside! This is because it contains higher concentrations of specific nutrients that complements and balances those already found in hay giving your bunny an extra boost of healthy energy.
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Baby Rabbit Food
Birth to 12 Weeks of Age
From birth until about 12 weeks of age rabbits are still considered babies and need a well balanced high-fat diet (like mamma's milk) that is low in carbohydrates. This style of food is based upon decades of research and is the best baby rabbit food on the planet. See our customer reviews.
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Bunnies Love Sherwood Forest!
What a coat!
Posted by Wendy
His coat is amazing! It's almost ridiculous how dense and soft it is...
Very best rabbit food
Posted by Melanie
Your rabbit food makes all the others junk...
My rabbit likes it better than Oxbow!
Posted by Janice
I mixed the Oxbow with this food and my rabbit picked through it...
She ate the Sherwood and didn't touch the Oxbow. I'm happy to say she is back to being healthy and happy and no more messy backside. Her fur is soft and shiny.

Sherwood Forest Maintenance Rabbit Food size
click on the picture to see the full size pellet - Extra small 1/8 inch diameter pellets ensure baby rabbits don't drop and waste food.
Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food
  • Protein and Energy: We provide high-quality protein and energy balanced according to each life stage.
  • Fiber: Special consideration is given for the quality, types, and sizes of fiber needed in rabbit food to promote digestive health.
  • Minerals: Researched key minerals, which make protein and energy use more efficient, are provided in organic chelated forms ensuring absorption.
  • Omega 3's: We use a proprietary blend of whole oil seeds (with flax seed) to enrich our rabbit food in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and to balance the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.
  • Sherwood Forest natural rabbit food is soy and wheat free and DOES NOT USE a conglomerate of cheap by-products! Furthermore we test our forages (timothy hay and alfalfa) to ensure they meet specific nutritional standards. This standardization ensures that our rabbit food is very consistent from batch to batch.
  • We intentionally use ingredients combined in specific ratios in their whole and natural form.

As a result your rabbits will look and feel healthier with significant improvements in:
  • Fur coat quality
  • Digestive health
  • No diarrhea or bloating!
You'll also notice...
  • They will gain healthy weight and shed excess fat
  • Reduced ammonia production and less urine smell!
  • Improved energy levels and playfulness.
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