Types of Rabbits

types-of-rabbits There are literally hundreds of types of rabbits in the world today. The main categories or traits include:

There are three main types of fur categorized by length.  Normal fur types have multiple layers of fur to provide warmth and protection from rain and weather.  Rex fur types are caused by a recessive gene that prevents the coarse outer guard hairs from growing.  The result is a super-soft velvet like fur.  Wool breeds have been developed because their hair perpetually grows.  The fur can be collected by grooming or sheering live animals and then spun into yarn.  Wool breeds need to be constantly groomed. Dwarf-Rabbits Rex-Rabbit Flemish-Giant-Rabbit Holland-Lop-Rabbits

Mature rabbits can weigh anywhere between 1.5 pounds all the way to 30 pounds.  For simplicity they are usually categorized as either large, medium, or small (dwarf).

Rabbits raised as pets have a range of body types.  This includes slender and petite, to thick and broad, to extra long and big. Baby-French-Lop-rabbit

Ears also come in many shapes and sizes.  They can range from petite, short, and pointy to large thick, and wide.  Within this range there are two categories commonly known as lop (ears hang downward) or normal (ears are pointed up). Dutch-Rabbit

Colors are complex traits controlled by many genes providing almost limitless combination's.  Colors of rabbits are classified by either a solid color or a change in colors down the length of the hair.  Color of the fur is also sometimes coupled with the color of their eyes (white rabbits can either be a ruby-eyed white or a blue-eyed white).  Names for some of these variations are listed below.  To add more variation to the mix there are three categories of color patterns.  Generally colors are either solid (same color covering the entire rabbit) or broken (meaning white mixed with splashes of color(s)).  The third category includes distinct color patterns that define a particular breed, like the Dutch type of rabbits.  In addition to these categories the fur can have a satin finish that makes it unusually shiny. Rex-Rabbit

Colors include but are not limited to: White (blue or ruby eyed), black, blue, sable point, Siamese sable, tortoise, agouti, chinchilla, opal, orange, chocolate, lilac, smoke pearl, squirrel, frosted pearl, chestnut, red, golden, fawn, steel.

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