What Do Rabbits Eat?

what do rabbits eat
What do rabbits like to eat? Sweet stuff of course! But...
Rabbits are notorious for nibbling on and taste-testing just about everything in sight. However this does not mean that rabbits can eat anything they want. Rabbits are herbivores with a specialized digestive tract that provides a “home” for good bacteria to ferment hay. Fruits & veggies that are too rich in sugar as well as grains that are too rich in starch can cause digestive upset that leads to bloating and diarrhea in rabbits. So instead of searching for a list of items that answers the question “what do rabbits eat and not eat” it is best to provide them only the best nutrition. However, below you can learn more by checking out the list of foods rabbits eat.

What Should Rabbits Eat?

what do rabbits eat What should rabbits eat? A high fiber diet! Rabbits will be healthier when consuming a diet of balanced pellets specially designed for them (most brands have too much grain and they shouldn't be using soy!). Low-energy, grain-free and soy-free pellets based upon the right balance of hay (like alfalfa and timothy hay), whole oil seeds (like flax seed), natural vitamins, and chelated minerals will promote a long and healthy life. Adult rabbits on this style of a diet will feel and look healthier and they will be more playful. Baby rabbits need a higher energy diet that is high in fat (like mamma’s milk) rather than starch or sugar (rabbit milk has one of the lowest sugar contents out of all mammals).

Can you feed rabbits without pellets?

For these reasons treats should be kept to a minimum… even when feeding just loose hay or hay cubes. If you feed your rabbit only hay and veggies then you should be aware that this can cause them to develop deficiencies in specific vitamins (like choline & vitamin E) and minerals (like phosphorous) that lead to degenerative diseases like paralysis, cirrhosis of the liver and others.
Check out the list of foods that rabbits eat. Note that many of them should only be fed as a small occasional treat. Click on the links or pictures to learn more about each food.

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